My Vision…

With a love for vegan fashion, cruelty free beauty and a greener lifestyle…I have wanted, for a very long time, to have a tiny dot of space of my own on the net. It’s taken me a while but after a lot of changes I have finally got it just right, for me, and for the people who enjoy my posts (I hope!). For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about helping to make some kind of change, I have always been a huge animal lover and one day it all just came together. While away on holiday and having enough time to relax, I came across a few articles about the dog and cat meat festivals that take place in and around China and South East Asia. This lead me to many other articles and I suddenly started questioning everything…I then realised how much terrible cruelty went into the beauty, fashion and food industry alone (don’t forget about the entertainment industry and there’s many other “cultural” issues too). It’s then that I decided to make many changes in my own life and I have never looked back since.


As I wanted to write, do my photography (another passion of mine) and share my reviews I thought what better way to do so while sharing all the beautiful things cruelty free has to offer? There are so many wonderful brands who have the same values and morals in life as I and many others do, and to be apart of that community, to me was something magical. I’m a big believer that the more this message spreads the more change it will create and isn’t that what we are about? What this world is about? Without change there is absolutely nothing in life to gain, change is growth and change for the better is always a good idea.

Plant the seed and it shall grow I say!

And me

I’m Turkish/Cypriot from East London and dare I say in my early thirties (yikes!), I have big curly hair and I’m proud of every aspect of who I am and where I have come from. My life has always been a little all over the place from living abroad in Gran Canaria – Spain, to literally moving to every corner of inner and outer London. I love that my life has always been different and although I enjoy the city, without a doubt I have always had a gypsy soul. Never being able to stay in one place for too long and living away from the sea is just not apart of me and never will be to be honest! I’m planning my escapes for the future lol and I hope you share my journey with me.

Me and my partner also rescued a little puppy from Romania from Ioana Marascu on Facebook who saves many cats and dogs in need on the streets of Romania. We named our beautiful puppy Gypsy and he is such a unique character, he doesn’t fail to amaze us every day!
You’ll be seeing a lot of him on my social media so I thought I’d mention him here, after-all he is apart of me too ♥



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Love by,