So you’re a lover of Fashion but don’t agree with animals having to suffer for our vanity?
Well, neither do I so look no further as The Lovely Things is the kind of company that I am so proud to be working with because they stand for all the above and more.

About The Lovely Things
Not only are their pieces affordable and gorgeous, the quality is to a high standard too which I’d say will keep you and your pockets very happy indeed. They have a wide range of handbags, clothing and accessories which of course are all cruelty free and the company launched in November 2016 so will continue to grow, promoting animal awareness along the way.

About The Founder/Creator
Monica grew up in South West London and transitioned to a Vegan lifestyle nearly 3 Years ago. Being a lover of Fashion all of her life and also working within the industry she started noticing how unaware people were of the cruelty that lies within this and many other industries and so decided to try and do something about it. In 2016 she combined both passions together to start up The Lovely Things with the intention to help raise animal cruelty awareness and hats off to her as she has created just that! A company that speaks volume in many ways…designs, affordability and standing for what is right.

My New Addition
I now have the pleasure of owning this little beaut, the Two Tone Crossbody Bag in grey and black which is also available in tan (click here for those details), it’s compact and perfect for those minimalist days.

It’s made from 100% Polyurethane along with polyester lining, the outside has a magnetic snap flap and zip closure and the inside has an inner zip section, front and mobile phone pocket so is totally on point for all you organised ladies out there.

The Two Tone Cross Body Bag in Grey/Black or Tan are both available here for just £30.00 each so you’re sure to be a happy bunny.

All in all I have a lot of respect for companies like The Lovely Things, who promote a cause that needs serious attention and who stand for the voiceless. Thanks to cruelty free brands like these we can enjoy a chic wardrobe without the guilt, which in my opinion makes us feel beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside…well it does for me anyway.

You can find them at and I would definitely check them out as they have many bits that are hard to resist…don’t say I didn’t warn you!
I’m so glad I’ve had the privilege of working with a company with such great morals, thank you!

Love by,


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