DISCLAIMER ( The boring part…)

Opinions and Reliability

All opinions on this blog, LovebyJK are my own and any reviews are purely based on my own personal use. I choose to only work with brands who have the same values as I do in regards to animal testing and being cruelty free and I will not accept payment of any kind purely for the sake of it. If I choose to test a product out of interest I can not promise I will blog or post about it, but if I decide to do so it would be of only my honest opinion as I want to stay true to my blog and my readers. I also value honesty and trust so I wouldn’t dream of writing anything other than that on my blog.

Beauty: I only use cruelty free products which means that neither the end product nor any of the ingredients have been tested on animals, I also prefer to use vegan products which basically does not contain any ingredients that have come from an animal.

Fashion: It is my own personal choice not to use real leather, fur or any other form of animal derived materials (including wool, silk, cashmere etc.). In respect to companies who are not necessarily cruelty free i.e. also have non-vegan fashion items, I do choose to continue to buy from their vegan/faux ranges as I feel this can only influence companies to manufacture/sell more of it! Therefore I do consider working with and buying from most (not all!) fashion brands.

If a brand/company break the mutual trust regarding the above i.e. they state an item is cruelty free but that turns out to be false (highly doubt this would happen but I can never be too careful!) I can not be held liable, I will however ensure to immediately take the necessary actions.

Copyright Policy and Image Credits

Unless otherwise stated, the images on this blog belong to the author (being myself of course) and is the legal copyright holder of all material on this blog LovebyJK.com. Others cannot use it to reprint or publish without the authors written consent. If you would like to use any images from LovebyJK for your blog or social media then please credit in the caption and link back to this blog.
If you are a brand interested in using one of my images please feel free to contact me: hello@lovebyjk.com

Terms of Use

All information provided on this blog LovebyJK, is provided for entertainment purposes only and the author is not providing medical, legal or other professional advice. Reviews and use of any product is purely from the experience of the author therefore results may vary from person to person.

Privacy Statement

LovebyJK will ensure not sell personal or contact information to another company and will not put your information on spam lists. Please keep in mind that I, the author, is not responsible for the privacy practices of any of the advertisers or blog commenters.

Reserve Rights

LovebyJK  reserves the right to change the focus of this blog, to shut it down, sell it or to change the terms of use (go to a paid platform) at the authors own discretion.


Like many other bloggers I earn a small commission via affiliate links here on LovebyJK. These links or products do not cost any more then they normally would to you, it is basically a little compensation from the retailer to myself for showing the product on my blog however please remember that I would never show you a product that I do not personally love or want myself. Please also keep in mind that LovebyJK is not responsible for the actions of the advertisers or sponsors on this blog. For example if my reader buys a product of service based upon a link from this blog, they must take action with that exact company to resolve any issues, not with myself.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me: hello@lovebyjk.com