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I would like to introduce you to the launch of Prime Time from BYBI Beauty by the wonderful Clean Beauty Co and if you have been following me on Instagram then you’ll probably already know that I’m a big fan of this brand.


I was sent the Priming Facial Polish to try by the lovely ladies at Clean Beauty Co and I actually needed a new face exfoliator so it was pretty perfect timing. To be completely honest when it arrived I must admit that I first thought it was an actual face primer! So silly I know, although I do think that’s a great new product idea for the lovely ladies at Clean Beauty Co to work on next ♥ I can never find a decent primer and their products never fail to disappoint so fingers crossed on that one hey!


Back to where I was…the packaging is so cute, colourful and pretty and who doesn’t love pretty packaging, right? Not to forget to mention how delicious Prime Time smells, but naturally you know, not that kinda perfume over baring smell at all. As it’s packed with unique ingredients such as Marsh Mallow Root and Fruit Enzymes you can only imagine how yummy and sweet it smells.



What does Prime Time do exactly?
Prime Time is said to gently strip away dead skin with the helping hand of allantoin, apple and pineapple acids which aims to reveal fresh and bright skin. The exciting part about this face scrub is that it prepares and primes your skin for the next steps of your beauty routine. So basically your toner, serum and moisturizer are more easily absorbed into the skin after using Prime Time.
Of course like all their other products it’s 100% Natural, Obvs! – as the Clean Beauty Co gals like to say, and it’s Cruelty Free and Vegan.
My Time with Prime Time
I was happy to see it came with a mini cosmetic spatula scoop, which in my opinion is needed with products that require finger dipping…hygiene people, hygiene!
The directions are to add a little to your palm, then with a touch of water the product turns milky, you of course then proceed to scrub away.
Please note the packaging is now available in biodegradable tubes which is fantastic news as we all know what a problem waste is becoming on this planet so they have thought of that too.
I noticed that although it’s gentle it really did a good job of turning my skin to complete softness, like a babies bum as they say. It left such a lovely feel that I didn’t actually want to put any other products on straight after. I wanted my skin to absorb the goodness of the ingredients Prime Time had to offer and follow with my next steps a little later that evening. I then used my Babe Balm that I was sent previously which you can read here.
So far I’m loving it! I’ll definitely be keeping Prime Time a part of my beauty routine and will stick to a scrub a dub once a week, while finishing off with the my Babe Balm for complete heaveness I think.
Prime Time is available here for £14 (30ml) or £24 (60ml) or get your hands on the set (Prime Time + Babe Balm) for £28 here
Thank you Clean Beauty Co for such a fab product once again, can’t wait for the next launch!
*Please note that the packaging has now changed to a bio-degradable tube ❤︎
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