I’ve had the pleasure of being able to try out the Coconut Cleansing Oil (also with Olive Oil) from a wonderful company called Tropika and at first I was a little intrigued because of two things…the first being that the liquid isn’t thick at all and it’s consistency is very different from any other cleansing oil I have tried. It’s light and therefore does’t feel like it has that “pore clogging” affect to it (if you know what I mean!) and secondly the smell…it is literally yummy! It’s so sweet and kinda reminded me of strawberries…I think it’s strawberries anyway I honestly couldn’t put my finger on it!

I liked the fact that I could really work the oil into my skin without the thought of suffocating it and then by adding a little water it turns the oil in to a rice milk like consistency. It does a good job of removing makeup although I can’t comment on eye makeup as I always remove that prior to face cleansing, I personally feel that it’s a more effective way of cleansing my skin, after all who wants mascara residue sinking into their pores? Erm thank you!

After rinsing after the first time, it was very obvious how soft my skin felt and now almost half way through the bottle already, I’m quite happy to say that my skin has no complaints at all. I have quite sensitive skin to be honest so I’m really thankful when a cleanser does what it needs to do without irritating it.

About the Brand
All Tropika products are cruelty free, vegan friendly and are sustainably sourced and are made in Malaysia and in their words…

” Support local communities with sustainable virgin coconut oil production, taking care of the people and the land.
Our oil is extracted differently to everyday coconut oil. Our unique way of fermenting the coconut milk means we require less coconuts to produce the same amount of coconut oil, which also supports the environment.
Our virgin coconut oil is produced without the use of pesticides in the soil and with no chemicals. ”  

This to me, makes Tropika a true delight to work with and to try their products, nothing makes me happier then to connect with brands that care about more than just their sales.

Description + Use
A luxurious daily cleansing oil to effortlessly melt away makeup and lift impurities, revealing a brighter, healthier looking complexion. Nourishing virgin coconut oil leaves the skin feeling silky-soft, incredibly clean and comfortable, with no oily residue.

How to use: Apply 3 – 4 drops on the face, add a little water to create a silky milk and continue to massage to remove every trace of makeup and dirt. Rinse with water (obviously) and say hello to soft, clean skin.

This brand is definitely on to a winner when it comes to giving us products that are not only good for our skin but also for the planet all the while helping support those who make these products.

Tropika is a family founded business so the love and care that goes into every aspect is clear for all to see and they can be found at

The Coconut Cleansing Oil with Olive Oil is available here for £17.99 (100ml) and be sure to check out their other ranges from their “Mums Spa Range” and the “Little Spa Range

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