Calling all Babes out there, have you heard about the next big thing? The vegan multi-purpose beauty balm! I’m sure you have but if not then read on…

Babe Balm is basically your essential kit for all things moisture (or lack of should I say) and I have used it practically every day and for (nearly) everything, whether it be for my lips, cuticles, hands, feet, HAIR …you name it, I use it and it’s divine.

I only apply it before I go to sleep however, as it leaves a magical burst of moisture so I prefer to let it do it’s magic while I doze off into my little wonderland to be honest, it also (of course) cruelty free and vegan and with the natural benefits of all the luscious ingredients it’s definitely a product that will stay on my favorites’ list.

Listed below is just some of the benefits you get to enjoy from the ingredients of Babe Balm which is well worth the read because quite frankly the ingredients are too exciting to resist and it will give you ideas on all the ways you can use this little beaut.

Ingredients and Uses

Coenzyme Q10

The Babe Balms hero ingredient! As we get older the levels of CoQ10 start decreasing so when applying it topically the enzymes penetrate the living layers of the skin cells known as the Epidermis (outer layer of skin) and can eventually help reduce the depths of fine lines and wrinkles and that’s why I have already put the full tub on my face! ha (obviously I’m joking…)

Kokomo Butter

Produced from the seeds of the Kokum tree and contains anti-oxidant Vitamin E and guess what ladies and gents, it’s believed to promote skin elasticity! (no this time I’m not joking)
For these reasons I like to slap it on my face (not literally of course) in the evening and I’ve noticed that although it feels a little greasy at first it sinks in very quickly and does feels luscious.


A traditional Tahitian coconut oil which is beneficial for skin and hair, yes, HAIR people as it has a natural power to heal and repair (split ends here I come!).

As a curly haired girl I have started using it on the front section and ends of my hair as it tends to get dry very quickly and after the first use my hair felt so soft straight away (that’s no exaggeration I promise) the only thing is it can leave a bit of residue which is slightly concerning when it comes to shampoo times, don’t say I didn’t warn you please, annoying but well worth it in the long run I think. For those with straight or fine hair I wouldn’t recommend it. Full stop. No seriously, if you want to give it a try then I would only recommend using it when required due to avoiding the greasy look…we all know regardless of who you are, that is not a good look.

Olive Squalene

The Olive is crucial here as when I initially saw the ingredient Squalene I must be honest and say I was a bit scared because it usually comes from shark liver oil BUT the girls at Clean Beauty Co have assured me it’s vegan so of course I was massively overjoyed. Olive Squalene is an absolute essential for the skin and has MANY benefits which include skin regenerative activity. If I listed them all it would be too long of a post and I don’t want to bore you, not yet anyway.


Anti ageing and has hair growth benefits hence why I stick it on my head (lol, sorry I had to add that) so I also smother it on to my brows night as everyone needs a little brow power after all and believe me I am lacking in that department. Hibiscus is rich in anti-oxidants and can reverse the signs of UV damage along with other skin damaging pollutants. It’s also cleansing, exfoliating and not to forget about hair growth, yeees I said it again, I just can’t help myself people.

Last but not least…


A great natural moisturizer for dry skin and has anti-inflammatory properties so with the constant changing weather conditions here in the U.K. my lips need all the TLC they can get (and so will yours) so I find it beneficial for that area also (basically this stuff is good for every area of your face …probably)

So there it is, just some of the reasons why you should try it. Not to forget that you can even use it as part of your make-up routine for defining those brows and highlighting your cheekbones, you’re basically going to want to have this little treasure in hands reach. Mines actually by my bedside tabla as that my favourite time to take advantage of the wonders the Beauty Balm has.

The obvious part as to why this product appealed to me in the first place is the fact that it’s cruelty free and completely natural and I know these ladies first hand so I can happily say not only is everything about their brand beautiful but they are too.

This has had no affect on my views of this product what so ever but I needn’t say that as… have you seen the ingredients!?! Babe Balm speaks for it’s self.

You can grab one here for £18.00 (30ml) which goes a long way and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do (please note the packaging is now different and is in a bio degradable tube).

You can read more on Clean Beauty Co at

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